Riding a recumbent – how did it come about?

You have all seen over the past year or two me riding a recumbent, first was a trike then a two wheel Bacchetta
tourer and now I have a Pelso/Brevet.
Originally my interest in recumbent riding came about with my neck arthritis and looking for something to alleviate my condition, therefore I quickly found out that recumbent riding is just another form of cycling very much like road cycling and mountain biking are two other forms of cycling.
I will go into the history of recumbent’s in another report but did you know recumbent cycles have been around as long as upright diamond frame bikes?

So a couple of years ago I reached out to recumbent bike companies to get some info on the benefits
of this style of cycling. Fast forward two years and I receive a message from Pelso who had one of my
emails through Schlitter bikes, I must admit I had never heard of Pelso so started looking on google
who these guys are.

Pelso – who are they?

What was quickly established was what a great bunch they are at Pelso and I felt like I had known
them forever.
They wanted me to do a long term review of their carbon high racer recumbent.
The high racer is what bikes with full size wheels and a more race spec and design are called.
So I wanted to know who Pelso/Brevet were and how it all started so here we go as I speak with CEO of
Pelso and Szatuna Ltd. Janos Toth, besides the Szatuna Ltd. are world specialist in carbon products.

Steven Kilner the Pelso/ Brevet recumbent bike Ambassador in the UK cyclist community
Steven Kilner the Pelso/Brevet recumbent bike Ambassador in the UK

Long ride short – the Pelso story

The whole Pelso/Brevet story started 10 years ago, with an enthusiastic athlete from Hungary.
As a distinguished engineer, Ádám Novák did not have to worry about creating the first series of
Carbon Recumbent by Szatuna Ltd., because his main goal was to bring the conformity to bike fanatics and
hobbyists the like him, the highest standard comfort, a recumbent could give, therefore
he created the first prototype of Pelso/Brevet in his garage, which won the audience’s love at the Hungarian
recumbent meeting 10 years ago. He presented his invention to the family business, the Szatuna Ltd., where he started working at that time.

From that time, we have developed a method for machining and shaping carbon, which enables high
quality and quick preparation. Based on tiny flaws and customer feedback, we’ve managed to work
with Schlitter bikes where we launched the famous Schlitter Encore in 2014, above all it was chosen
“The Bike of the Year” by Bent Rider Online.

After the interruption of cooperation, we succeeded to work with Bacchetta and launched the Pelso/Brevet, as our new brand, which is not only sexy, fast, but also uniquely comfortable due to the new
ergonomic seats and the location and inclination of the fork. Our mission is to produce recumbents
that are not only fast, look good and they give the comfort like traveling on a cloud.

Pelso and Szatuna are based in Hungary around lake Balaton, an area I have now looked at, it’s
beautiful and from never considering Hungary as a ride destination, therefore I have put lake Balaton and a visit
to Pelso firmly at the top of my bucket list, check it out for yourselves looks amazing!

Check out the bike itself!

3 thoughts on “PELSO/BREVET RECUMBENT Steve Kilner”

  1. Hi Steve
    Good to read your Pelso story! I too have taken up recumbents in the last 18 months (road bikes and neck scapula pain etc) and I ride a Challenge Fujin SL which I just love! As a low racer I’m now fairly practiced and do long rides – 84 miles last Saturday!! but as ever always have more than one bike on the go. I know about Laidback bikes in Edinburgh and they can source me a Pelso Brevet – can you recommend the PB high racer?? Also what part the uk are you? I’m south of London and ride Kent and plan on Sussex surrey and Essex now I’m doing bigger and bigger trips. If your nearby maybe I’ll see you?!

    Ride safe and enjoy your PB Steve

    Cheers Oliver

    1. Steve Kilner

      Hi pal thanks for getting intouch , i am in the Northwest not far from Blackpool.
      We are looking at a recumbent meetup next year with a weekend of recumbent fun in Blackpool.
      I am on hols at the mo with poor signal and little wifi , if you have facebook friend request me , im Steve Velo Kilner then i can tell you more about how awesome the Pelso has been.
      Take care

  2. Oliver Absalom

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for your reply – I didn’t see it until now when I found your page! Im not great with these things!! I’m sat here literally feeling like I’ve got a broken collar bone and neck because my neck and shoulders are in such bad nick right now from my road bike! Need an osteo urgently!

    I’ve learned to ride my challenge SL pretty well to be fair but am interested in a more comfortable high racer PB. The challenge only suits certain rides ie suburban or London. Or probably racing but I’m too big and heavy for that purpose!! I find you take it to the countryside and it’s just a bit hard work. Does the PB eat up the miles happily? I do love riding upright bikes – just not more than 40 miles! So that’s a limitation and recumbent biles do allow more. I climb the hills but sometimes walking speed but hey that’s the recumbent physics I guess. I’m interested in the PB to see if better and faster and more comfortable (or stable I guess) and just a bit easier than my challenge SL low racer. Plus the open bars look a bit more relaxed than my hamster bars! I haven’t used my challenge for a couple of months after a 76 mile country route and it left me a bit burnt out and defeated tbh. I know I love the urban tours I do ie a London loop early morning especially in the summer months. Safe as anything believe it or not. So for that I’m happy with the challenge bike but want to know if a PB should be bought??? Not cheap so needs to be what I want?? Are you still enjoying your PB?

    I’d be interested in the Blackpool weekend, be great to ride with others! I enjoy my solo tours but do wish I could find another recumbent chum but I’ve literally seen 1 or 2 max in the south east – ever !!

    I’ll look you up on Strava and look into Facebook also. All the best and merry Christmas and feel free to give us your feedback on your PB? Other write ups look great 👍


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